How Much is Apple Trade-In Worth?

How Much is Apple Trade-In Worth?

SellYourMac customers know better than anyone that our exceptional service and trade-in value provide the safest way to get the best bang for your buck. Trade-ins on old Apple products are some of the best ways to recycle obsolete devices while saving money on new and used Apple technology.

When it comes time to sell your old iPhone or upgrade to the newest iMac, trade-in values are more than tempting. It's always good to go into a trade-in service with realistic expectations. This is especially true when using the Apple Trade-In program. The service depends on loyal customers to trade in their old devices for the latest in Apple technology, including new laptops like the 16" M1 MacBook Pro. Sadly for Apple enthusiasts, this is not always the best reward to reap, as Apple's very own Trade-In Program makes its profits for pennies on the dollar. Flipping your old tech for profit may not be the best scenario when there are plenty of other services available. Apple's business model functions more like a car dealership, luring desperate customers with quick cash towards store credit on future devices.

SellYourMac offers the best value for those looking to trade in their old devices. Customers who trade in their old devices directly with our representatives provide top dollar for any old iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or other Apple device. Offering cash rather than in-store credit is a great deal that our customers feel great about. Our goal is to create a win-win deal for our customers, along with quick and exceptional service.

Selling your old Apple device at SellYourMac is the best way to get the most bang for your buck.

How Does Apple Trade-In Work?

Like other trade-in services, the Apple Trade In Program provides customers the opportunity to trade in their old devices, including Apple Watches, iPhones, MacBooks, and more. Apple lets you trade in obsolete technology for credit towards new purchases or Apple Store credit. Additionally, Apple provides device recycling services free of charge for devices that are deemed non-tradable.

The main takeaway is that Apple does not offer cash for any of the devices you trade-in. Therefore, you will need to seek a third-party trade-in service like SellYourMac if you're looking to receive actual money. SellYourMac allows you to sell your old Apple devices and get paid in cash, not Apple Store credit. Do Apple Stores Provide Store Trade-ins?

There are two primary ways you can trade in your Apple device using the Apple Trade-In Program. Trading transactions can be completed at both your local Apple Store or online. Doing so online is easy; Apple provides prepaid trade-in kits to ship your old device free of charge. The only exception to this rule is large Mac device trade-ins like iMacs, which can only be completed in-store. Once a trade-in is received, Apple sends Apple Credit to customers within 1-2 weeks of receiving the device. Will Apple Allow Trade-ins for Damaged Devices?

Similar to most trade-in services, Apple typically does not allow customers to trade in visibly damaged devices. Apple offers to perform screen repairs, but those costs will be considered in the overall trade-in value for your device. Trading in devices with damaged screens does not provide a great value in the end.

If you have a broken screen, we suggest getting it fixed at a local repair shop or an Apple store near you. Once your device is repaired, sell it to SellYourMac, and get paid in cash with the most money possible.

How Much Can I Get for My Old Apple Devices?

You may be wondering how much you will receive for trading in your old Apple device using the Apple Trade-In Program. Apple provides customers with the highest price possible on their trade-in page. However, these prices are reflected based on the condition of the device and the model you're trading.

To make the trade-in process more convenient, we've come up with this shortlist of estimated prices each iPhone is worth when trading in.

iPhone Model Apple Value SellYourMac Value
iPhone 12 Pro Max N/A $702 *
iPhone 12 N/A $502
iPhone 11 Pro Max $515 $582 *
iPhone 11 $380 $392 *
iPhone X $205 $192 *

* SellYourMac Value as of 05/01/2021

As shown above, most Apple trade-in values are lower than the trade-in prices you can find through SellYourMac. The only exception is the iPhone X, a virtually obsolete device. Not only are our values high, but our customers also receive cash as opposed to Apple Store credit.

Why would you ever want to receive store credit for an old iPhone when you can receive the cash? SellYourMac allows you to purchase refurbished devices that cannot be found in Apple's store. The choice is obvious - SellYourMac provides you more money for your Apple device while delivering plenty of savings on refurbished devices.

Ready to trade in your old iPhone, Apple Watch, or MacBook Pro? Contact SellYourMac, or request a quote today.

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