Can I Sell a Broken Macbook?

In short, yes! Apple product prices are not going to start decreasing any time soon. SellYourMac makes the process of selling your old and broken Macbook quick and easy. When you sell your broken Macbook with SellYourMac, we ensure that you are getting the best value possible. Once your old device has been sold, the money goes directly back into your pocket!

How Much is my Broken Macbook Worth?

There are many different factors and criteria that are used in determining broken Macbook value. Factors include model number, year of release, exterior condition, possible water damage, and more. All of these factors are evaluated and compounded to give you the best rate possible. Macbooks with more storage and larger/higher quality screen displays are likely to be higher in value. Regardless of hardware, the most considerable decrease in value would come from water damage. Other factors such as scratching, cracks, and chips are all external, allowing the replacement of parts to be more easily predicted. It is most challenging to determine computer parts that may need replacement with water damage, so a lower resale value is more likely. Many Macbook owners do their best to maintain their products to boost resale value, but there is no need to worry if a mistake happens! Regardless of damage, SellYourMac always offers our customers the best resale value possible.

To receive the most accurate quote for your broken Macbook possible, do your best to identify any issues (both hardware and software) that you are aware of. We do our research and know what to look for, but it always helps our process when our customers are upfront and honest with us about Macbook damage during the resale process.

Broken Macbook Resale Pricing

At SellYourMac, we use many different scales to determine the resale value of a broken Macbook:

The more functionality, the more your Mac will be worth. Be honest when describing your broken Mac to ensure the trade-in process goes smoothly upon our evaluation, and then we will get you paid quickly!

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