What to Expect from the iPhone 7

Everyone wants to know whether the next-generation iPhone is a worthy upgrade for them. I may be biased as an Apple fanboy, but of course you want the new iPhone! Like each iPhone predecessor, the iPhone 7 will deliver incremental upgrades and features, but this model is not likely to receive a new look, aside from moving the antenna bands on the back of the iPhone and removing the headphone jack.

Will this new iPhone be significantly faster? Yes, the new A10 chip will be optimized for speed. Will the camera be significantly improved? Yes, and a dual-lens camera will be available. Will battery life be improved? Yes, about 14% larger and chip improvements to help drive longer battery life. I’m sold already.

The next-gen A10 processor combined with an increase to 3GB of RAM (RAM increase may be for the Plus model only) will allow for a significant boost in processing and graphical power. Internal storage is also likely to see a boost from the measly entry-level 16GB to 32GB and the top tier getting a bump to 256GB.

The camera system likely will be different between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, with the Plus having a dual-lens system to allow for different focal points, better low-light performance, and optical zoom similar to a DSLR camera. Apple purchased an Israeli camera company called LinX last year, and their image quality technology may be making its way into this year’s iPhone. Even if you get the base iPhone 7, the camera module will be improved, and with the iPhone accounting for more photos then any other device in the world, Apple has been doing its part with an engineering team of 800+ focusing on it!

The biggest controversy surrounding the iPhone 7 is the loss of a headphone jack. Apple tends to move ahead of the curve on dropping connectors before the general public feels they are ready, but many manufacturers are always soon to follow suit. The potential to channel all power, sound, and data through one port is enticing, but at what cost? Yes, people will need a special connector to listen to their wired headphones and charge their iPhone at the same time. Many people will be going with bluetooth headphones, and Apple is planning for that future in which wires are obsolete. It won’t be long till we don’t need a charging cable either, so look at the bright side!

Other upgrades of less significance: improved water resistance (helped by the removal of the headphone jack), increased LTE modem speeds, and slightly improved display.

Important dates to remember: iPhone event on September 7th, iPhone pre-order likely to be September 9th, and likely iPhone launch date of either September 16th or 23rd.

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