Are used MacBooks worth it?

Buying a used MacBook

It seems like everyone is buying the new and latest MacBooks but sometimes, it isn’t necessary to buy the latest and greatest piece of technology. It’s no secret that MacBooks are expensive products. They come with new features that oftentimes are not even utilized. Apple products tend to hold their value longer than people think, and many of the parts are easily replaceable.

Reasons to Buy a Used MacBook

  1. Save Some Money

    Everyone knows that the cost of a Macbook is higher than you’d want it to be, and even the lowest grade laptop is going to cost about a thousand dollars. If you end up purchasing a Macbook that is a few years old, it likely is still in good condition because Apple products are made to be durable and long-lasting.

    Know what model and year the Macbook is before you buy it. It is important to do some research and know what product you’re buying before you spend money on it.

  2. Expand your Battery Life

    Purchasing a new computer sounds like a great investment, however, it makes it harder to build the strength of the internal functions such as the battery life. Once you figure out where the battery life stands, you can decide the value of the Macbook.

    If you want to find the usage of the battery, click on applications, utilities, and then find the system information option. Now that you’re in the information tab, choose power and look at the health information on the computer. On this tab, you can find the condition of the battery and the life cycles it has gone through. Once you discover this information, you can decide if the investment is worth it.

    If the condition and the cycle of the battery are not up to par, you can always replace the battery for a little over a hundred dollars.

  3. Familiarity Brings Comfort

    New MacBooks often come with features that are difficult to use, and tricky to figure out. They even have features that you don’t know about, and settings you might never even utilize. MacBooks continue to get smaller and more keys are added to the dashboard. The keys feel different and this could throw you off for a bit and take some getting used to. You have to change the way you operate the device, and it can be uncomfortable at times. However, if you get a used model, you will not have to worry about encountering this problem.

Things to Consider Before Buying a used MacBook

Eventually, every Mac product will become obsolete despite the model or age. Obsolete MacBooks are no longer supported by Apple, and you will not be able to install updates or security patches.

If you are trying to find a used MacBook that still has value, you want to find one with the obsolescence date as far into the future as possible. As a rule of thumb, it is a good idea to invest in a Macbook that is less than three years old since Apple only supports its computers for around six years.

Apple is starting to move away from Intel processors and move towards their own silicon. Keep in mind that used Intel-based MacBooks may run into obsolescence faster than you might think.

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