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99 Ways to Increase Speed and Productivity on Your Mac

Whether your Mac is running slow or you’re just looking to optimize your system, there are always tips that can help your Mac’s performance and keep you productive. To assist you in your search for the best options to speed up your beloved Mac desktop or notebook, here are 99 tips and tricks to get the job done.

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Strategy to Preorder the Apple iPhone X - Limited Supply Available Starting October 27th


The iPhone we have all been waiting is almost here! But to get one you need to pre-order right away--supplies are limited. 


Apple's iPhone X (pronounced "iPhone Ten") will be in short supply due to the complexity of its components, notably the sensors for the 3D front camera and FaceID and the new edge-to-edge OLED screen. News outlets have reported that only 20 million iPhone Xs will be available for sale between now and Christmas. That’s 50% below earlier projections, which means a lot of Apple fans will be left out in the cold. 


Fortunately, SYM has your back. Below you’ll find a step-by-step insiders’ guide to the pre-order process. The key is to be among the first wave of successful preorders, as the initial allotment will sell out almost immediately.



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How does Apple, Google, and Amazon Handle Your Data? 

As mobile devices grow in convenience, they also grow in their necessity to protect our most important data. Our phones, tablets, laptops, and smart home products are intimate looks into our lives, containing passwords, photos, documents, and more. 


Since many of the products we use are made by different companies, it can be hard to tell how our data is protected. Is your data encrypted? Who sells what to whom? Can the government track your information? All of these questions are important to ask in a world where we rely heavily on our devices for functionality and protection. 

Between Apple, Amazon, and Google, we see a spectrum of privacy considerations, including how you’re served ads and how your data is protected on-device. 


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Five Things to Look for In an Online Apple Trade-In Service

            If you are trying to buy or sell a Mac or iOS product online, the chances are you are probably overwhelmed at first. These days, consumers have more outlets and options than ever before, and it can be difficult to distinguish which companies are worth their time. But if you keep these five simple points in mind, you can buy and sell without worry.


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What to Expect from the iPhone 7 (and Why You Want It)


“See You on the 7th.”  Apple has officially announced the date and sent invites to the media for their iPhone-centric event in San Francisco, California on September 7th.


Everyone wants to know whether the next-generation iPhone is a worthy upgrade for them.  I may be biased as an Apple fanboy, but of course you want the new iPhone!  Like each iPhone predecessor, the iPhone 7 will deliver incremental upgrades and features, but this model is not likely to receive a new look, aside from moving the antenna bands on the back of the iPhone and removing the headphone jack.


Will this new iPhone be significantly faster?  Yes, the new A10 chip will be optimized for speed.  Will the camera be significantly improved?  Yes, and a dual-lens camera will be available.  Will battery life be improved?  Yes, about 14% larger and chip improvements to help drive longer battery life.   I’m sold already.

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