Free Mac Recycling. We make going green easy.

Free Mac Recycling at strives to contribute to “Go Green” initiatives that help ensure a sustainable environment for the present and future. We will recycle your old computer or other electronic device free with your purchase. You can feel better about doing your part to make the world a better place!!!

Why Recycle your Used Mac?

Used Lithium Ion batteries, LCD displays, computer hardware, and electronic devices contain toxic materials that are harmful to you and the environment. Unless they are properly disposed of, these toxins can be released into the environment causing irreversible damage. All recycled materials are disposed of properly according to EPA standards.

Did you know?

  • Batteries contain heavy metals that can leach from solid waste landfills into the soil, groundwater and surface water
  • Dry cell batteries contribute 88% of the total mercury and 50% of the cadmium in the municipal solid waste stream
  • Batteries contain strong corrosive acids that can burn your eyes and skin

Just transitioning from PC to Apple can help: Apple uses smaller, thinner and lighter materials to produce their products. For instance, the MacBook Pro features an innovative unibody design, which replaces dozens of parts with a single piece of recyclable aluminum. From the glass, plastic, metal, paper and ink, Apple considers the environmental impact in all aspects of their production process.

Efficient packaging helps Apple pack more computers in every shipment, which in turn reduces overall emissions. Packaging for the 13” MacBook Pro is 41% smaller than the previous generation MacBook. This frees space on every shipping pallet, which means more computers are shipped on each plane and truck.

Apple spends time designing software and hardware that maximizes power management and efficiency in every product. A Mac mini uses as little as a quarter of the power consumed by a standard 60W light bulb. This makes it the most energy-efficient desktop computer in the world!

All Apple facilities use energy-efficient lighting and feature motion sensors for automatic light shutoff. This has saved over two million kilowatt-hours of electricity since 2006. Many of their facilities use renewable energy and Apple plans to have their Elk Grove facility operating entirely on renewable energy by the end of 2009. Employees are provided alternative transportation options. Each day, up to six hundred employees ride their free bio-diesel commuter coaches.

What SellYourMac does to help the environment

Our company recycles all the packing material we receive from our customers. Each piece of packing material is sorted in bins so that it can be reused when packing future shipments. Any part not reused is recycled.

What can be recycled?

Lithium Ion batteries, Laptops, Cell Phones, iPods, hard drives, RAM, Logic Boards, Video Cards, LCD Displays, and digital cameras. Have something you want to recycle that is not on this list? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How it works

We will email you a prepaid shipping label to send us your old computer, iPod, or cell phone. There is no additional charge to you, and the environment benefits from less toxic waste. All you have to do is box your old item, tape the prepaid label to the box, drop it off at Fedex and we will save the environment together!

SellYourMac makes cashing in your device easy as 1-2-3

Get a free quote for your used Apple device

1. Get a free quote

We make selling your Apple device easy. Simply enter your product details and get an instant offer directly from our site.

Ship us your used Apple device

2. Ship us your device

We provide the pre-paid shipping label once the details have been confirmed. Just pack up your device and ship.

Get paid fast for your used Apple device

3. Get paid fast!

As soon as your device arrives at our secure facility, we begin processing the order so you can get paid quickly.

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