Which Apple iPhone 4S should you choose? AT&T vs. Verizon vs. Sprint

√ much better 8MP camera

1080P HD video

incredible graphics and speed

Siri Assistant, voice control, and dictation

With three options for service with the new 4S, which carrier should you choose?

If you are stuck with one carrier because of a family plan or due to early termination fees, then you may not have a choice, but there are different coverage, pricing, and data options that can make choosing your carrier a tough decision.

We dug through all the information to help you come to the best informed decision.  We hope compiling all the information and comparisons in one plan will help you!

First, check out the speed test across all carriers.




Sprint offers unlimited data and the lowest price for a price plan with unlimited minutes & text and 2MB+ data at $110 a month.  If you don't want to worry about going over your data plan this may be right for you.


 Data travels over CDMA network and will be lower than AT&T's HSPA+ network.  No simultaneous voice and data due to CDMA limitiations.  Mobile hotspot costs another $30 a month.



AT&T's HSPA+ network supports 14.4 mbps downloads making it the fastest of all carriers (actual speeds may very).  You can use voice and data similtaneously, so you can navigate using GPS while talking on the phone! AT&T offer the cheapest overal plan at $55 if you use 450 or fewer minutes and don't use text. 


Data costs more than other carriers when you go over 2GB.  Coverage and customer satisfaction not as good as Verizon.



Verizon offers the best coverage in most areas.  Verizon has the cheapest plan at $75 for moderate data users who need 2GB or less data, use 450 or fewer minutes, and send 250 or fewer texts a month.  According to surveys, Verizon has the highest customer satifaction and highest call quality.  They also have the widest selection of data plans from 2GB to 12GB.


Data speeds on Verizon's CDMA network may be slower than AT&T's HSPS+ network. No simultaneous voice and data due to CDMA limitiations.

Data Usage

To help you figure out how much data you use we put together this info, but by no means is it exact so always check on your actual data usage!

A 200 megabyte data plan equals about:

√ 1,000 Web pages

√ 300 photo downloads

√ 50 songs

√ 11 YouTube videos


√ about an hour of Netflix videos

A 2 gigabyte data plan equals about:

√ 13,000 Web pages

√ 4,000 photos

√ 600 songs

√ 130 YouTube videos


√ about 9 hours of Netflix viewing.

Here is a breakdown of all the plans:


Final Conclusions

√ If you want the fastest speed choose AT&T

√ If you want to surf the web, email, or use GPS while talking then choose AT&T

√ If you want unlimited data choose Sprint

√ If you want the best overall coverage and call clarity choose Verizon

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