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Integrating people with phones?

According to the New York Times Bits Blog, Apple is investing research in the concept of wearable computers in the form of smart phones. The thinking is that since many people already use their smartphones as alarm clocks, calendars, and a mobile media hub for all internet activities, why not integrate it with people themselves.

Consider how often your smart phone is in the immediate area. While you sleep it might be by your bed or charging. While you're at work, the phone is in your pocket. While you eat lunch, sit stuck in traffic, or sometimes just need to connect to the internet, the smart phone is ready and able.

According to the Times report, both Apple and Google are funding research so integrate the smart phone into something attachable to your own body. This might be something that can stick to your clothing, or as one possible prototype proposes, a glass watch that is wearable on the user's wrist and can fulfill commands using the Siri technology.

Futurist Michael Liebhold believes this technology will eventually lead to a full integration between person and computer. He envisions screens being attached to glasses and contact lenses, thus allowing individual users to customize their appearances for each and every single person. In any event, this avenue of research can certainly lead to the frontier of the next great technological innovation, and it appears, again, that Apple is set to be a part of this revolution.

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