Photo Booth Tips

The first tip concerns the flash that is default on all Photo Booth photographs, often making every photograph have a blue tint to it. If you want to turn off the flash entirely, under the Camera dropdown menu, there is a setting that is automatically selected called "Enable Screen Flash". Uncheck the box on this to toggle the function on and off. If you are looking for a way to toggle it without having to change your preference on every single photograph, you can hold down the "Shift" key as you are taking the photo. It will remove the flash on the individual photo. 

A second tip is about the mandatory three-second delay between you clicking the button to take the picture, and the countdown to the photo itself. Once the countdown stops, you can cancel it by hitting "Escape" This feature is supposed to provide you with time to check yourself in the screen and adjust, but for those who already know what they want in their photo, by pressing and holding down "Option" as you click on the icon to take the photograph instantaneously. Instead of seeing the three second countdown, it should immediately take the photograph. 

These tips stack on top of the "Command + T" So in order to remove the flash and take a photo instantly, it would be "Command + Shift + Option + T". 

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