Is the Apple Trade-In Worth It?

Apple enthusiasts dream of getting their hands on the brand new iPhone every year. For a select few, upgrading new MacBooks every few years as a refresh is an absolute must. Apple fanatics can’t get enough of the latest technology!

It may be difficult to hear, but buying a new iPhone every year or upgrading to the most recent Apple notebook can be costly and horrible from a technological waste standpoint. The best solution for staying up to date with the latest and greatest Apple technology? The Apple Trade-in Program.

It may be a touchy subject for some, but the Apple Trade-in Program might not be the perfect decision for the average consumer. Although Apple’s Trade-in program is incredibly convenient and easy to use, you may not be getting the best run for your money - especially since Apple’s trade-ins only offer store credit. Just like trading in a car, trading devices through Apple will cost you. Typically, you’re going to get less money selling your Apple device back to Apple than any other store.

Never sell yourself short. Instead, sell your old Apple devices to SellYourMac and get the best bang for your buck. There’s no better trade-in value than cash for your device. Read on to discover how Apple’s trade-in values handle against the SellYourMac buyback options.

Apple Trade-In Program

The Apple Trade In Program is the company’s buyback program, which allows you to offset the cost of new Apple devices by recouping the losses on old devices that you never use. The service is convenient, free, and easy to use. Trading in devices can be completed at either a store near you or online.

Online vs. Store Trade-ins

Those who prefer to shop for gadgets online may find this process just as easy. The trade-in process requires customers to fill out a quick questionnaire regarding their device’s condition and then receive their estimated trade-in value. After, you mail in your old device with free shipping labels or trade-in kits sent by Apple.

When an item is received, Apple evaluates the condition of the device. Your device’s value is adjusted accordingly and sent as store credit, depending on the condition.

Another standard trade-in option is to trade your device at an Apple store near you. Bring your device in to get it inspected and evaluated in person. From there, you can get a quote and receive your credit on the spot. Remember, all trade-in offers are obligation-free, so do not be afraid to walk away if you are not satisfied with the amount of trade-in credit you’d be receiving for the device. If you don’t like the estimate online, Apple will send the device back to you for free.

Apple Trade-In Value

Since its introduction, the Apple Trade-In program has been criticized for weak trade-in values compared to third-party companies. Today, Apple’s trade-in program had remained just as low in value compared to competitors as it did when it was first introduced.

When taking a look at how Apple’s trade-in values compare to SellYourMac, you’ll find that there’s almost no question. Below is a list of trade-in values compared to SellYourMac’s buyback prices on the most current line of iPhones. The iPhone 12 isn’t even tradable in Apple’s trade-in program. Keep in mind that the estimates are for devices in excellent condition. Devices with cosmetic damage may be lower in value at SellYourMac but are typically only recyclable (offering zero value) through Apple’s trade-in program.

iPhone Model Apple Value SellYourMac Value
iPhone 12 Pro Max N/A $702 *
iPhone 12 N/A $502
iPhone 11 Pro Max $515 $582 *
iPhone 11 $380 $392 *
iPhone X $205 $192 *

* SellYourMac Value as of 05/01/2021

The trade-in value of Apple devices is typically low compared to other third-party companies. Why is that?

Apple doesn’t offer additional credit for higher-spec models. Therefore, Apple will provide the same amount of credit for a 64GB iPhone X as it would a 256GB iPhone X. Additionally, a fully unlocked iPhone 11 Pro Max is worth the same as a carrier-locked iPhone 11 Pro Max in the eyes of Apple’s trade-in program.

If you trade in a carrier-locked device with the lowest level of storage available, you might get a decent offer. This would explain why the iPhone X is the only product valued with a slightly higher buyback price than SellYourMac.

So, Is it Worth It?

The Apple Trade-In Program is only worth it depending on what you think is considered a good deal. If you plan to upgrade your old MacBook or iPhone, trade-in entry-level phones with low specs, or enjoy donating extra devices to save the environment, Apple’s Trade-In program might be the best-case scenario. Those who want cash for their old devices should turn to a third-party service like SellYourMac.

If you’re looking to get the most amount of money for your old Apple device, SellYourMac is the best value by far. The best part of working with SellYourMac is the easy transaction, followed by exceptional customer service. There is virtually no legwork with alternative trade-in methods using a service like SellYourMac.

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