Can A MacBook Pro Last Ten Years?

Macbook Pros are one of the most reliable laptops on the market and therefore, are the most popular. People purchase Macbook Pros for various reasons, but most commonly for school or work. Anybody who purchases a laptop for these reasons expects a good lifespan for the product. But how good a Macbook’s lifespan can be is partially dependent on the user.

How Long Does A Macbook Pro Last?

Many factors can either help or hurt your Macbook Pros lifespan. Users that more frequently download software updates typically increase their Macbook Pros life. Users that opt not to use anti-virus software typically decrease the lifespan of their Macbook Pros. While there is no clear-cut answer for how long your Mac will last, hitting the 10-year goal is possible but maybe not the most realistic for every user.

While you might hear stories or know a couple of people that have used the same Macbook for over a decade, your Macbook will likely last you around seven years. Your Macbook lifespan is almost entirely dependent on you. While technical and software issues that have nothing to do with the user are possible, the most common form of degradation Macbook Pros suffer from is “old age.” The components that make up the computer are not designed to last a lifetime. But if you want to maximize the lifespan of your Macbook Pro, SellYourMac has some tips that can help you out!

How To Extend The Life Of Your Macbook

Here at SellYourMac, we understand that buying a new Macbook is no drop in the bucket for most people. And while a new purchase may be necessary, we want to help you keep your current computer for as long as possible. Listed below are four crucial tips SellYourMac recommends to anyone looking to increase their Macbook Pro lifespan. And while these tips have been curated for Macbooks, users of any computer brand can implement these suggestions and likely notice results.

  1. Battery Health
    While you can replace a battery without replacing an entire computer, battery health is one of the most important aspects of overall computer health. Both keeping your Macbook Pro fully charged and always running close to 0 can degrade battery quality over time. SellYourMac recommends keeping your battery between 20-80% whenever possible.

  2. Update When Necessary
    Software updates for macOS are very frequent and sometimes frustrating. But, putting these updates off can lead to issues in software functionality and possible freezing.

  3. Shut It Down
    Many Macbook Pro users purchase their computers for work or school, and they likely get a good amount of use out of them. But many users are prone to keeping their system up and running even when not in use. If you’re not actively using your Mac, don’t be afraid to shut it down. Your batter will thank you later.

  4. Use A Case/Bag Or Both
    Macbook users that keep their computers protected in cases and laptop bags are much less likely to experience a break from a fall. While drop damage is still possible, keep in mind that paying for a case or carrying bag can come in handy.

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