What Should I Do Before Selling my MacBook?

Most people that are in the market for a new Macbook have their old one sitting in a drawer collecting dust for the foreseeable future. Unless you have a plan to gift your old Macbook to a friend or keep it and use it for something else, there is value in selling your Mac!

Next Steps

After you know for sure that you are interested in selling your Macbook, there are a few steps to take before putting it on the market. The most important thing one needs to do is clean their Macbook, if you are still using it. (both physically and internally, but mostly internally)

If you just found an old Mac and do NOT need to back it up, you can skip to “Where Should I sell My MacBook?” section!

How to "Clean" a Macbook

Step 1: Remove Unnecessary Storage-Hogs

Delete downloads that are unnecessary for the Macbook to function will continue to free up storage space on the Mac. Delete any large or duplicate files. Large files take up a lot of storage; by deleting these files if they are not needed, you clear up a large amount of space that will allow your mac storage to update. Emails are another large storage user as people can have thousands in their inbox, some with documents and photos attached.

Step 2: Back It Up!

Arguably the most critical step of the process, once you have deleted unnecessary files, documents, applications, and photos from your Macbook. Back up the computer to either a hard drive, iCloud, or another computer. This process ensures that anything you have remaining on your Macbook will transfer to the next device that you purchase.

Step 3: Factory Reset

Now that you have your information backed up, it is time to factory reset your Macbook. The Apple website has specific instructions available for you to follow when factory resetting your device.

Step 4: Physically Clean It

Make sure to give your Macbook body, screen, keyboard, and mousepad a good sanitize and wipe down before you plan on making a sale. A clean Macbook is a happy Macbook.

Where Should I Sell my Macbook?

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