Work Out While You Work

The Trek Desk is not supportive enough for a Mac Pro and monitor, so a hydraulic desk was necessary to station behind the Trek Desk. The last piece of equipment was a treadmill purchased at, and now the setup was complete! Now I had a fully functional work/workout station he has dubbed as the "iTreadmill."

Not only does the iTreadmill provide an excellent way to burn calories on the job, it also helps to keep focus. I find while my feet are moving it is harder to get distracted. This setup may not be for everyone, but for strictly computer work it is a breeze. Walking at 1.5mph, I can type without errors. Writing is another story, as it is difficult to write legibly while walking.

Walking an average of 5-6 miles a day, I am staying fit on the job. If you work all day at a computer, I highly recommends the iTreadmill setup! Submit a quote to sell your Mac here and I will respond right away without even breaking a sweat.

P.S. For all your Mac geeks who want to know more about the Mac setup in the photo, I am running a 2010 Mac Pro 2.4Ghz 8 Core with 20GB RAM and SSD. The LCD in the photo is a 42" Toshiba LCD TV and there has been a 2nd Apple 27" LED display added since the photo was taken.

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