Where can I sell my MacBook?

SellYourMac makes it easy to buy, sell, and service your Apple products. Once you sell your MacBook, you can take the money you earned and get a newer model.

How should I prepare my Mac for sale?

Before you sell or trade your MacBook, there are a few important steps to follow.

  1. Ensure that your files are backed up
  2. Sign out of iTunes
  3. Sign out of your iCloud account
  4. Sign out of iMessage
  5. Unpair bluetooth devices that you’re keeping
  6. Delete your hard drive and reinstall macOS

When is the best time to sell my Mac?

The best time to sell your Mac is typically as soon as you can. Once you have backed up all the data and transferred it over, it is a good time to start looking into selling your Mac. If you want to get the newest Mac as soon as it is available, the best time to sell it would be right before the announcement.

How do I figure out which Mac model I have?

Selling prices vary between different Mac models which is why it is important to know what MacBook model you have before you begin the selling process.

To find your model information:

In the upper-left of your screen, choose About This Mac from the Apple menu. Then, click on “More Info…” You should see some information about your laptop such as the model year. If you still can’t find your model information, we recommend following these steps again and writing down your serial number. You can find the serial number on the back of your Mac or on its original packaging. From here, you can go to the Apple Check Coverage website and log in with your Apple ID and enter your serial number. The model information should pop up on the page.

Selling your Mac device with SellYourMac is easy. We will purchase your used Apple products through a fast and timely transaction. At SellYourMac, we want to help individuals, families, students, and businesses upgrade their laptops with our competitive prices paired with the best possible customer service.

SellYourMac makes cashing in your device easy as 1-2-3

Get a free quote for your used Apple device

1. Get a free quote

We make selling your Apple device easy. Simply enter your product details and get an instant offer directly from our site.

Ship us your used Apple device

2. Ship us your device

We provide the pre-paid shipping label once the details have been confirmed. Just pack up your device and ship.

Get paid fast for your used Apple device

3. Get paid fast!

As soon as your device arrives at our secure facility, we begin processing the order so you can get paid quickly.

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